In the middle of an ocean, there is this tiny island where our larger-than-life Creative Director, Ms. Sara Jensen, lives with her husband, Thor (yes, we know this is appropriate for our Scandinavian issue), and her two incredibly inspiring seven year olds, Henry (fashion designer/chef) and Rose (goalie/jewelry hoarder). A former New Yorker and now San Juan Island, Washingtonian, we asked for a sneak peek into Sara’s beautiful island world. We asked this closet Danish American to show us her Scandi and what it looks like across her table in the woods. Here is what happened…


GG: How do you define Scandinavian?

SJ: When I was younger and less informed, it was always super bright colors and sharp lines, you know – I got my education from IKEA, which isn’t terrible but it also isn’t entirely accurate. It’s like forming your opinion on American design by visiting Walmart. The more that I have gotten into it – largely via peer pressure from you, Ms. Gorder – it’s textural, warm, derived from nature. It’s the magic of the forest brought home; it is beauty in simplicity; wood walls, antlers, warm repeats, clean organic lines.


GG: What was the most fun part of doing this piece? Worst?

SJ: The best part was sending my kids out on the property to forage for me (I think that was legal). The antlers are from the floor of the forest – some by us, some by friends – the pinecones plucked from branches, fir branches clipped from trees, and winterberries from the road. The large luscious white flowers and acacia were literally flown in (I live on an island) by my friend Erin who helped me weave the floral runner together.

The worst part was running out into the forest to set the table in the freezing cold and then cleaning up. My kids came home from school and I told them there was a surprise out in a certain part of the woods and they were so delighted, it was adorable.


GG: You’re married to Thor, the god of thunder, I mean… THE god. Um, who really holds the hammer?

SJ: The other day, I asked him to get the hammer from the garage so that I could pull out nails and mud the walls myself. Technically, I held the hammer the longest.


GG: Ms. Jensen, you are one crafty lady. Did you learn anything making this issue of Real Genevieve? You seem to know it all.

SJ: I have been neck-deep in a sped-up version of Scandi school, for which I am grateful. I just love knowing more about where part of me came from. I mean, I am a mixed-up mutt for sure, but I know that a large part of my heritage is Danish. The other half is hustler – that’s a whole other issue. You [Genevieve] have a way of making people feel all kinds of pride for whatever they are and that is a true gift to have. Skøl, GG! oxoxo


All photography by Real Genevieve West Coast photographer, Sara Parsons.