by Lara Fitch, Founder of Strolby

By mid-December, most of us are already five or six parties deep into an intense holiday calendar, with a couple weeks still to go before the grand finale of New Year’s Eve. Luckily, we’ve found that with the right accessories, one LBD (that’s Little Black Dress) can take a gal from her first work party straight into the wee hours of 2015. Here are Strolby’s picks for the accessories that will see you through the season.


Camden Pouch
Have it both ways: shiny in the front, sedated in the back. This pouch from Brooklyn line Kempton & Co. brings the best kind of dual-personality to a look. Never has shiny been so effortlessly restrained. $45

Phoenix Stud Earrings
These black garnet and blue apatite stones from Katie Diamond create a mysterious sense of contrast. We’re thinking, say, a 15th century castle with rock-and-roll blasting – which would, incidentally, be our ideal NYE bash. $175

Shimming Feather Earrings
Handcrafted in the Hudson Valley for Shana Lee Jewelry, this streamlined pair of earrings drips simply—and gorgeously—with an oh-so-subtle curve that hints at a sense of adventure without hitting anyone over the head with it. $100

Cobalt Foldover Clutch
Los Angeles designer Clare Vivier’s handbags are a perennial go-to when we want to tie together a night-on-the-town look. This one comes with a major dose of color to anchor an otherwise staid palette. $184

Brass Leaf Comb*
A single powerhouse accessory can be all you need on any given night. This statement hair comb from Brooklyn by milliner Brookes Boswell provides both an eye-catching focal point and a delicate dash of class. $100
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CELA Necklace
Austin-based jewelry line Isobel & Ezra creates pieces that perfectly fuse edginess and class. The CELA necklace, for example, takes the blank canvas of a dress and uses it to express your inner (office party-ready) badass. $106

Sacred Valley Ring
A gorgeous ring is a gorgeous ring, enough said. Also, go big or go home. This one makes it easy, with its deep green quartz stones and gold setting, from Brooklyn jewelry designer Emilie Shapiro. $205

Chasm Bangle
Williamsburg jewelry line Species by the Thousands is known for doing the impossible: transforming folksy into sophisticated. This bangle is a case in point, making a 1970s California commune vibe right at home even in the most refined company. $130

Gothic Curls Barrette
A little bit of drama is a good thing for any party – as long as it’s the right kind. Enter these barrettes from Brooklyn designer Zoa Chimerum. Handcrafted from lightweight rubber tubing, they’re equal parts weird and amazing. $60



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